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Labour relations and employment

ROSENTHAL attorneys at law offer professional legal advice and prepare contracts and documents relating to various issues involving labour and employment law. In practice, more often than not, even issues such as correctly recording hours worked, organising work or calculating piecework salaries can give rise to a range of questions of a legal nature.

However, the situation is more complicated if you have to post employees abroad. In this case, you have to comply not only with Latvian laws but also with the legislation and trade union regulations of the relevant overseas country, which can often differ significantly from the accepted procedures and basic principles of employment relations in Latvia.

Posting employees to work abroad directly involves international taxation issues, compliance with bilateral and multilateral international conventions, a change in employees’ country of residence for taxation purposes and similar issues, which could pose significant material risks to the successful performance of commercial activities.

The experience accrued by ROSENTHAL attorneys at law over the years in resolving various situations and interpreting and complying with legislative provisions provides the opportunity to recommend creative solutions in each specific case. Matters involving compliance with international legislative provisions are coordinated and reviewed in collaboration with attorneys at law from the country concerned.

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