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Banking transactions

ROSENTHAL attorneys at law offer professional legal advice on various types of agreements that are made with banks or other financiers. For example, if financing is needed for construction or for the purchase of technological equipment or stocks, the terms and conditions of a credit agreement can be complicated; you may require the assistance of an attorney at law in assessing the legal consequences of the transaction and in conducting negotiations with your bank regarding the terms and conditions of the credit agreement. In particular, transactions with international partners can require a bank guarantee or letter of credit.

Precise and accurate preparation of the bank guarantee or letter of credit is an important prerequisite for a successful outcome. The text of the bank guarantee is directly related to the main contract and structure of the business undertaking as a whole. Legal assistance to ensure that a transaction is configured correctly can be crucial when it comes to reducing the risks of material losses resulting from a venture that proves to be unsuccessful.

The experience of ROSENTHAL attorneys at law in the banking sector guarantees you competent legal support in concluding agreements with banks. This includes assessment of the terms and conditions offered by your bank, assessment of the structure of the security requested (collateral and surety) and the ability to recommend rational solutions in each specific case.

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